Recession Proof Marketing

... will be needed over the foreseeable future. It's nothing new for the principals of Fern Marketing we and our clients survived the bomb in 2000 and lived through the earlier property crashes and the minor cases of indigestion that have affected the City since. Read more here.


Of course we have proper processes, yet we deliver a marketing lead consultancy and understanding with a flexible bespoke approach that is coupled with a powerful creative capability. This leads to great marketing communications which will build your brand and get sales.

And yes we are rather green and environment conscious in our thinking and our approach. That doesn’t mean we are just warm and cuddly (although some of us clearly are!)... click here to read more


Fern Marketing Is a strategic and creative led; environment conscious and fully integrated marketing communications agency with one purpose in mind

To be an active partner in the development and implementation of our clients’ strategies producing cost effective results driven creative and marketing solutions

The knowledge and experience of our team of marketing professionals encompasses all marketing disciplines and most market sectors to provide a truly integrated approach to your marketing. click here to read more


Fern Marketing can set up and operate the marketing function for you. Providing a fully resourced operation at a fraction of the cost of a fully manned full time department Often with a combination of strategy and board input on an agreed part time basis with a full time in house manager to deliver day to day.

Or we can mentor and guide your team for them to achieve superior marketing. A modern approach to getting top flight here to read more